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  1. And don't forget about warlock, the simple most OP class in the game. And to take examples from other NCSoft games, in Lineage II the most OP classes are ranged. I haven't played it since it became free to play, but I played from the start of the game for 7 years. Every single update of the game the ranged classes were the most OP ones. And I'm talking about DPS, L2 is a VERY different game. In other words, learn2play and stop whining.
  2. "American" insults in Dungeons

    *cricket*ing americans
  3. "American" insults in Dungeons

    There is no south american server.
  4. Already seeing "blink" hacks

    I know, I sell those scripts and plugins. But the reason players, at least in Lineage II, switched to more and more inteligent PVP scripts is that when these scritps first came out, if you wanted to stay competitive you'd have two options: - Get your game up A LOT. - Get/Make better scripts. So for the most part people started getting more and more scripts to the point that 90% of the people that play PVP competitively are bot-assisted. I've never used these "high-end" scripts that basically played the game for you, but that doesn't mean I can't make profit from that. ^_^
  5. Uh the forum getting spammed?

    Don't forget about Lineage II
  6. Uh the forum getting spammed?

    I don't understand how a bigass multimillion company has this problems. How much do you think they pay a comunity manager aka forum mod? Have four guys take a 6h shift and you're set for 24/7 forum moderation.
  7. Uh the forum getting spammed?

    This is funnier than the spam we had at the Lineage II boards about cheap kitchen tops.
  8. Account Safety ??? ! ! !

    2-step authentication. Tell your "friend" to use it.
  9. Three words for you. Cross server dungeon. Use it.
  10. Already seeing "blink" hacks

    Because blade & soul isn't validating character position.
  11. Spambots? nah. Farming bots? of course.