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  1. The guy who did the voice for item storage in dungeon lobby should be shoot. It's ESPECIALLY annoying since i have to use it every time i do a dungeon. The whole VA in this game sounds like it was done by a bunch of middle school drama club students.
  2. Somehow a lot of things i took for granted in other f2p games are being heavily milked here. Banking slot, Wardrobe, etc. you name it. For exp: Tera Character inv. is fully unlock able ingame, just hard. They're selling Bank slot inventory instead but still gives people one whole Page for free. Here? Just lock half the Character and Bank Inventory even though the main appeal is getting costumes. The other f2p are making life better for premium while giving free players the full experience. People have incentive to pay for premium then. This game is in reverse, giving premium the nor
  3. It doesn't mean anything in real life. Basically NC West big wigs wanted an "Asian" term for the NPCs to call the player (Because Kungfu game). But since ACTUAL Asian terms are too hard for Muricans, they invented a nonsensical word that they think sounded Asian (Jyan) and add the explanation by Dochun saying it means Warrior (Its not).
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