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  1. Stop Nsoft with u strategy

    i made a new toon on a new server to avoid paying premium and waiting in insane queues. That fixed the long wait to get in, but didn't fix the gazillion gold farmer bot spam that was instantly present on the new server or the buggy disco's and crashes for no reason. I mainly tried this game to see if it was a solid choice to spend some time and cash on, but so far, i give it 4 thumbs down. NCSoft, you should have overbuilt for launch and scaled back if you needed too. The first impression is the most important and you blew it with me. Most of us old timer MMO folks are a bit finicky anyways and hard to please so not a huge suprize it has gone so badly for you so far. I will give it a few more days, then drift off to a new game that will fail to impress also :)
  2. 3+ hour queue, 10 mins gameplay, CRASH

    same thing happened to me, waited only 50 mins, lol i said only, and five minutes into gaming poof! disco while i am running. Wouldn't suprise me if it was some damn gold spammer hack by the country who will remain nameless. So far, NCSoft cred level is NEWB for this launch. Fire some folks there and bring in others who know what they are doing. Can't go anywhere but up from the performance so far.
  3. What's up with this DOWNTIME?

    Here is an idea, how about culling the bazillion gold farmers out as we sit here all waiting in a queue. The amount of spam in the general chat when i finally got in yesterday was insane in addtion to making your queue problem even worse by knowing half the folks on the servers are A-hole bot/gold spammers from the usual countries.
  4. just tried to purchase premium and it gave me an error, couldn't process credit card. Then tried to login to my ncsoft account to verify card details [even though i know they are fine] and got an error saying there was an issue on their end. Guessing they are getting crushed due to insane queueing and folks trying to purchase memberships. Funny how not one single game company can ever get launches right. Hope they already have their extra server racks built out to add capacity to reduce queues or this is gonna suck even more.