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  1. Why is equipment progression so...crap?

    I get around ~30 just from a soulstone bag bought with zen beans, so you can arena for soulstones as well, thus why all the PvP bots. although I agree, the overall loot and loot gain of this game is pretty awful
  2. Not complaining just the truth

    It's just obnoxious combat. nothing is unbeatable though. The healing potential summoners have for their cat is asinine though, granted everyclass has some asinine mechanic to them; from a KFM countering every hit you throw, to a BD doing the same with their spin, to the assassins with their stealth till timeout, then the Destroyer's endless spin, or the FM's kiting ability. I have yet to see a BM that was obnoxious though....
  3. Blade Dancer is unfair

    As a KFM you're prettymuch the bane of destroyers.
  4. Blade Dancer is unfair

    Destroyers don't really have other consistent attacks other than their spins. Granted our tab is not quite on par with that of a BD, we can't just spin and counter/stun everything with that spin. But our Red spin is our best method against classes like BD or KFM, who will counter everything you do, since it pierces. I wish it were more intuitive though. this gameplay though, along with Assassins poking and hiding until timeout and the healing potential summoners have for their cats; may be fun to some I suppose. Personally I find it pretty obnoxious combat, but it's not unbeatable.
  5. Stupid arena + Bot

    It's pretty common for PvP to be end game, if you go into it before you're leveled...well
  6. Nothing makes a destroyer happier than being matched with a summoner. Best class to fight.
  7. I agree, World PvP as it is, on Poharan, is not really PvP. more so horde mode.
  8. Don't want to just *cricket* and moan about it, But when you cannot do quests because every NPC is dead on all the channels.. well..
  9. Sounds like the best move, it's something they wouldn't expect! the perfect opening with the element of shock
  10. Never said it was viable, just nasty if you manage to connect
  11. Whaaat? I thought we were the OP class, the broken class that took no skill and can beat anyone with spins? execute can be pretty nasty though if you connect all the hits
  12. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    *cricket* babies. take off the outfit. my server is heavily dominated by Blue. it's prettymuch a zerg every channel. organize with your faction or sneak around them.
  13. Party loot system

    The loot system is flawed in this sense. Player A is party leader. Player A switches the loot method to "master loot" at the last minute before loot drop Player A then has control of all the loot and tells Players B C and D to get *cricket*ed. don't be player A.
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I love not being able to communicate with my faction. really makes world PvP fun
  15. Should I bother

    you'd be at a disadvantage due to not having all of your skills. but your HP and atk will scale up. Arena pvp, items don't matter.