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  1. Hongmoon Pellet?

    PVP is the only way I know of, hope theres another way.
  2. Is anyone ever going to fix this?

    You just get new earrings, all the old stuff doesn't matter anymore. Weapon is also brand new and you get it through the main quest line or by salvaging your own weapon if that's the old version aswell.
  3. Just came back to the game, can anybody explain this to me? Like is there a way to get a gem with stats back or..
  4. Summoner upgrade weapon

    ^ This.
  5. Soul Shield for Summoner?
  6. BiS SS? It depends on what you roll on them tbh, the combo can be better if you dont roll the yetis perfect.
  7. With my friend, and we noticed that when we killed the mobs at the same time we would get the same spawn(priest/mite/or skull) so we ended up looking into spawn patterns and this seemed pretty consistent. We used to see seconds in time and got this spawn pattern within a few hours of watching it. 0 Corpse Mite Queen 1 Fetid Priest 2 Stratus Skull Captain 3 Corpse Mite Queen 4 Fetid Priest 5 Corpse Mite Queen - sometimes I also get Stratus Skull Captain 6 Fetid Priest 7 Stratus Skull Captain 8 Corpse Mite Queen 9 Stratus Skull Captain 0 Corpse Mite Queen This goes from a fresh minute(00) and resets every 10 seconds- 10 being the fresh 00. Now I honestly had LESS luck getting a priest with trying to time it because it takes my class too long to aoe them down but man I tried ; - ;