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  1. I try today to transmute my honig oil into sacred oil or ped pod. The results where as following ...  5-6 attempts on sacred oil failed ...  4 attempts on ped pod also failed.. ok i rage quit than i log back again an try 4 more sacred oil and 4 more pet pods again fail ?  Are you kidding me ? those where the mats that i farmed in 4 5 days on 3 alts burnt in 1 minute. First of all why did you increase the material cost of transmuting and you let the chance at 5% as it was when the cost was 5 materials instead of 30. Second :  do you even compare the price when you make adjustments ? or you just get an email from above and obey? Lets put it like this 1 sacred oil is between 560-580 g you need 30 of every material to try to transmute it lets compare the price on mats 240  g moonstone 190 elysian 160 sacred orb and 27 gold soulstone +15 gold transmutation fee thats a total of 632 gold give or take even 600 and is still not good for a "30% chance". The 5 material requirement was ok compared with the price of material and the rate of success .... you cannot ask more than the normal price for % chance to get it (and yes i know those are crystals )

    What is the purpose of this event ? to burn whales materials? ok i get it but why do you need to screw new players and returning players whith this horrible event on ur 4th anniversary event! 

    I lost allmost 400 moonstone and elysian for nothing + a chunk of gold.  


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