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  1. The Twitter page says nothing either, maybe it's a server restart?
  2. Why did we suddenly get an unannounced maintenance?
  3. It's insanely tiresome to have to go through all the acts again when you want to try a new class. e.g. I have a level 55 HM 11 Gunslinger, but I want to play Soul Fighter. But for that I have to go through all acts just to get to the point of my Gunslinger, which just takes way too long, especially if you barely have time to play a few hours a week. I understand that it's possible to buy a level 50 character, but not everyone has the ability to pay 50 bucks to skip it all. Why not let us skip it(Or at least 2/3 of the story) when we try to make a new character after experiencing it all?
  4. It sounds neat, but I'd rather have a new class altogether with all sorts of moves.
  5. I've been thinking of weeks of what certain weapons would look like when part of sets, like a Lycan Gatling Gun or an Infernal one. Since I hoped Gunner would be a class wielding a big weapon, I thought it would be the gatling gun class. But sadly, it's not(though it is my main class). Will we ever get one? Because it seems super fun, and we need another class with a big weapon alongside the Destroyer.
  6. What does it even do and why should I change my attacks so that my attacks "Track"?
  7. Sekjin is just impossible to beat unless you pump out near godlike amounts of damage. The move you're supposed to counter to make the fight easier doesn't work(Counter), and every time he does those Projectile Kicks, you better have 4 hooks or you'll die. Even worse is when he starts doing it twice in a row and all your abilities are on cooldown. Any help?
  8. True... The move doesn't come out here, either.
  9. Ever since the update I've been having this issue. My friends can still see me in their friends list, but I'm marked as Offline when I'm clearly standing next to them. How can I fix this?
  10. I figured it out. All I just had to do was set it to XInput mode.
  11. I'm trying to get this controller to work since my Xbox One controller broke, but it ain't working. Any ideas on what I could do?
  12. Will we get a free character slot, just like with the Warlock release?
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