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  1. 20 minutes ago, Nylisa said:

    hehe and here i am trying my 15th party for a 6 man yeti run while some of them players have over 550AP xD if its stupid easy i dont know why so many people are dead when yeti is at 40%


    and thats not entirely true when you say its notorious for being easy everytime i mention yeti everyone is like "yeah its a *cricket* to defeat"

    That's because the average player in a video game is absolute trash. Two big problems with blade and soul is that the community is not tight, so it is hard to tell who is good and who isn't outside of your clan and friends. Also, there is no dps scoreboard, so it's almost impossible for someone to single out the trash players and remember who they are so that they don't run with them anymore. So if you want to succeed on a regular basis, it's time to start reaching out to people and making small talk in groups that go well. You can try joining a clan as well, but just be warned, I find that in most mmo clans, even the elite ones, less than half the players are actually amazing. Good news is that you don't need amazing to beat bns dungeons, unlike other mmos. You just need people who are aware of the simple mechanics. 

  2. 3 hours ago, LordBao said:

    Yeti 4 is not easy.... but who judges players bade on aps anymore.. lol theres plenty of garbage high ap players. 

    Yeti 4 man is like stupid easy. You can 3 man the 4 man easily with a group of 450-500 AP. I don't know if you know this but Blade and Soul is notorious for having the easiest dungeons. In other mmos, some of the dungeons were so hard that it took over a month for the first group to beat them. 

  3. Actually, the pedophiles are the ones NOT in demand, or else ncsoft wouldn't be rightfully censoring their outfits. How people get so defensive over their ability to make their child like characters have breasts and dress scantily is a sad indication of where our society is headed. Would you want this for your own daughter? If it's simply just pixels to you, you should have no qualms about making a jin or yun then. 

  4. I think it's pretty disgusting and borderline pedophile to want boobs in an outfit that's already skimpy on the lyn. What is wrong with you people? My friends and I are all wondering about the same thing. If you want to have boobs, go pick a more mature race.


    Seriously, the fact that this is even being debated on with people actually trying to come up with arguments for the perverted option disturbs me. 

  5. Concerning the steam thing, I am also a destroyer, and I was able to get past it without taking damage by ssing backwards into it and then ccing through the rest. My stats aren't high, 528 AP and 61k HP, so I'm sure it is doable by you as well

  6. You guys are pretty delusional if you think they're going to give you wings or he other things you requested for premium 10. No one's forcing you guys to buy it, so if you don't want ticket support priority, then don't buy it. More attention for me from the support team. 

  7. On July 10, 2016 at 9:43 AM, Na Ahri said:

    I think Kun race is depicted to be elegance super model ish, that's why they look skinny compared to other races even after heavy customization on majority of her body parts. Still Kun is my favorite race :3

    The yun physique is nowhere near that of a supermodel, the gon actually is. Look up all the top models, mariacarla boscono, Natasha poly, Naomi Campbell, lily Aldridge, liu wen, coco rocha, Sasha pivovarova, Raquel Zimmerman, their leg and waist structure is similar to that of the gon. The yun have no muscle definition whatsoever, they look like people who were formerly fat and skipped excercise to get a liposuction to look thinner 

  8. It's a latent benefit that can actually make a difference in whether you get the assistance you want in tickets, or even banned or not. You're telling me premium ten isn't worth the power to have the support team reset your legendary weapon (and even give you a free duplicate in the process), or refund you mats? If you don't want this kind of perk, then that's your own fault for not realizing the advantages of this. 


    On July 9, 2016 at 7:17 AM, Aoras said:

    man seems like you never got perfect 3RF into your face... 

    people die and need revive all what im gonna say "people learn to play" i mean before there wasnt any SF who could babysit players they needed learn the bosses to survive (that was main idea which i liked in BnS not like any other MMO with stupid healer class) in asia it took them long time to develop class with heal and revive so people were used to playing without healer no wonder asian players dont need babysitter

    oooh you hate BM? and KFM too? good maybe try KFM then you will see well played KFM does good dmg im sure you are one of the guys who play ranged and doesnt know anything about melee and hey now seriously i wanna see cat tank BW or any other shit where if tank looses agro all ranged dies cuz start panic also if you hate the tanking class so much who force you dont make own premade group with your friends/clan lol ya can pick whoever you want 

    First of all, I don't think anything you just mashed on your keyboard pertains to my original post. If I was a ranged class, I don't think I would be complaining about how broken fm is and how much it needs a nerf. I actually play destroyer, so I don't know why you felt the need to bring up kfm or blade master. They're both low dps clssss in dungeons that can easily be replaced by summoner cats. Maybe try the forum that actually suits your language next time 

  10. SF is better than kfm in PvP, people in the US just aren't accustomed to using it yet. There are some SF that were already in the top charts within the week. Kfm is better than SF in PvE for asia, but groups in NA are so bad that people actually need to reviving and healing. I actually hate getting kfm and blade master in groups because their damage sucks and summoner cats can tank and do more damage plus put out healing.

  11. Anyone who does not think that ANY business will give preferential treatment to their higher paying customers is either delusional or has never been exposed to real world economics. Of course they will put more effort into their higher paying customers, why should they give equal treatment to freeloaders who are doing either nothing or much less to support their company?


    My friend types in the most retarded manner and comes up with the most BS tickets to NCsoft support, and he always gets what he wants and more just because he is premium 10. The only time they ever turned down a request of his was this one time he sent a ticket when he was only like premium 6. They have fully refunded him materials (and also gave extra), nccoin, cosmetics, and suspended people for him. Another friend of mine who is premium 10 asked for them to reset his legendary weapon because he accidentally upgraded to seraph instead of baleful. Instead of resetting him, they gave him a completely new baleful dagger and let him keep his old seraph dagger. He has both weapons to prove it. My other friend was able to singlehandedly fund his own clan outfit with the extra materials that support gave him for free. 


    Bottom line here is don't expect to get special treatment if you're not willing to pay for it.


    Also, the person you get from support can play a small factor in it as well. Another friend of mine told me is friend's account got hacked and had all of his items stolen, and he sent over 20 tickets until someone finally agreed to restore his account. I don't know what premium rank he was though.