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  1. On 3/1/2018 at 2:43 PM, HateMe said:

    They have problems as is to make proper updates without breaking anything, you think they are capable of an engine upgrade?

    You have bigger chances for Trumps Wall to be build than the game engine upgrade.


    say that again? LUL

  2. https://discord.gg/aYJ6FYP Im not really sure if this will waste anyones time or if artists will bother but doesnt hurt to try.

    So ive seen alot people having troubles to find artists to ask for commissions and if they do they dont have any luck finding the style that suits them. So perhaps the idea of this discord is to gather multiple artists in this discord and show their past works and see their commission offers?


  3. This is just another level of ncwest incompetence.

    Since you receive patches from kr developers directly then they must have told you the upcoming patch notes. So the question is if theres communication barriers btw ncwest and kr devs? How can you get the wrong information so grossly. Doesnt ncwest double check the information that you receive from the developers? are you even taking this seriously because this announcement has significant impacts on existing raid groups that ALREADY coordinated for 12man and your new annoucement basically made EVERYONE throw their plan.
    Beside your incompetence. Where is the logic of introducing 24man and eventually change to 12man in 3-4 weeks to 1 month+ ? it takes great deal to restructure the group to 12 man from 24man.  and to do that in such short period.


    We as the community are seriously dissapointed at you.

  4. This server discord BT/Skybreak Spire recruitment are for NA/EU regions both and it also include several channels representing each server group where you can post your recruitment/buying/selling BT items etc




    @Liinxy think this would be useful for sticky along with other good third party sites like bns academy, dont you think?

  5. On 2017-06-05 at 11:53 PM, NC Elusive said:

    Hi there -  Ukraine is not a member state of the European Union and therefore is ineligible to participate in the EU Championships. I do believe, however, that Ukraine falls under the Russian Blade & Soul.

    Norway is not member of European Union yet they are still eligible to particiapate in eu  championship. So why is ukraine any difference? Ukraine is in Europe continent so why the excemption in tournament?

  6. agree my game freeze alot since we got xigncode3 for no reason, my game NEVER froze with gameguard and xigncode is causing huge ping fluctation before which is so bad that i cant play this game anymore

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