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How long does it take for support to come back with an answer on tickets?


I am waiting for more than 1 week to get a reply on Receipt Number: 2136517

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Dont worry, you will get a reply. Can confirm it will be a copy/paste of a standard text. They dont care, they dont know the game.

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I have a ticket that hasn't received a reply in 3 weeks and I did a new one trying to get some help and they reply 2 days after, so I would say is pure luck?


I'm doing a bible about my case here ->


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10 hours ago, Ime Riista said:

sometimes it does feels like some ncmeme employee is taking sick days 
and then the sickday magically becomes sick week 
and sometimes ncmeme is less helpful then brick wall
 if you want proper help, feel free to use academy discord channel. works better than actual support

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but to be real honest , just leave game and play something else. 


They actually helped me today to get the issue fixed.

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