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My Adventures with Support


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So for the last 3 weeks, when I'm in the lobby at F8, when pressing "Enter Dungeon" and the countdown reaches zero, I get stuck on that screen and I have to restart the whole game, praying to the RNG gods to not get stuck again... sometimes if I'm lucky after 20 seconds or so the loading screen appears and I'm able to move forward to do the dungeons but this has been annoying me for so long already that I need some help to resolve this.


I remember in the past ppl told me they experience the same issue when UE3 was still working but I never care since it never happens to me but now, I'm screwed. 


What I have done so far was to scan the files of the game to make sure everything was Ok but didn't do anything, so I moved forward and reinstalled the whole game, again no luck resolving the issue that way.


Is there anyone here on the forums that had experienced anything similar that maybe can share some knowledge, I would appreciate it.

Note: I did open a ticket with support and only received this answer:



We have received your message and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

NCSoft Support Team



This was two weeks ago already so, whoever Apex is should be ashamed of his poor way on handle tickets.

Receipt Number: 2135471

Blade & Soul

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58 views and not a single reply what a surprise...

I want to let you guys know a bit more about my adventures with the support team.

My previous ticket: 2135471 which I opened 3 weeks ago hasn't received any reply yet and since I honestly need some help with my issue I decided to make a video to show to support team the whole thing.


First Reply to the new tickethttps://ibb.co/8Dh8sMT

After waiting for 2 days someone post a new reply to it, asking me again for more details about my issue... apparently, the whole video I did showing the issue life wasn't enough so I took my time to do a new video showing the bug again.

Second Reply to the new ticket: https://ibb.co/McJG1r1


I believe I get lucky this time since with my reply and the new video I did, someone else reply to my ticket asking me to run something called: HijackThis to create a log file about some information on my system to see if they can find anything, I assume they are thinking on Malware or anything like that.
Fun enough they share a link from SourgeForce to get the program (the app has already been abandoned). Also sharing a link that explains what this application will do in order to help them get more information about specific issues like the one I'm currently having.

But I invite you to read what they have to say about those apps https://us-support.ncsoft.com/faq/bnsncw?faqNo=291&game_id=bnsncw, apparently by installing this app and if they harm your system in any way possible, they won't take any responsibility if that happens (they use more fancy words than I do, I'm just trying to summarize this).

And to end today's story this person also asked me to create a new ticket with those files, apparently is not possible for them to follow my case on the ticket I did (I have done 3 tickets by now). So I did and attached the log files they asked for, hoping this time someone will actually help me. I'll update this post when I get more info to share.

Note: Any Moderator, can you please change the title to "My Adventures with Support"? Thank you



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  • Simoleon changed the title to My Adventures with Support
On 6/13/2023 at 3:48 PM, Messh said:

i really hope they do something...  feels like we are just being ignored. 

That is the case.

And i'm pretty sure it's intentional and this all is responsibility of kr, they probably just decided to invest as little money as possible in this game (or maybe in regions that aren't kr, i dont rly know how is the game doing over there) which ends up in very few employees trying to do the most basic stuff to keep the server running, an extremely basic support service and almost null participation from their side in the forums.


And i would really be surprised if things changed, because i think they just don't care since long ago and everything will remain the same (if not worse) until they consider that maintaining this region is no longer worth the cost, and close the servers.

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