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Chapter 6: The Bully

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I'm a new/returning player who hasn't played since the release. I've been enjoying the game so far, but I'm now currently hard-stuck because of a bug in the questline Chapter 6: The Bully. The quest says to: "Equip your faction uniform and deliver the Supply Request to Crimson Operative Oh Jan at the Soulstone Plains." My faction is Crimson and I have my outfit equipped, but the NPCs will not appear. I've watched several guides from years ago, and as soon as they equip their faction outfit, the quest should begin, but it's not happening. How do I even fix this? I tried restarting the game, unequipping my outfit and then re-equipping, and leaving the area entirely, yet nothing is working. https://postimg.cc/hzqKM2Yt

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