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Chapter 16 : Business Unusual


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I got to the 2nd floor.  Killed the 2 Bullies.  Now I have to proceed throught the door to the next room.  It does not give a choice to open, break or do anything.  I think there is a bug.  I cannot continue with my yellow uests until this is resolved.  Anybody have an  Idea what I should do ?



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I have no clue if this is the problem you're having as I do not remember the specific quest you are doing, but while leveling a character myself, I've noticed that all of the extra stats given by the exploration journal, unity levels, and portrait collections has made my leveling character able to kill NPCs that you're only supposed to be able to weaken and then they turn invincible and you talk to them. In these cases I have to completely reload the area and then next time I get to that NPC just use skills that aren't intended for damage but do deal a little, like approach skills and CC skills.

If this isn't relevant to your problem, then please tell us which Act this Chapter 16 is in so we can figure it out more precisely.

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