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Cerulean Thunder (Order) | For Newbies to Learn Endgame | Discord Available


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Cerulean Order level 3 Clan recruiting new players. We focus mostly on PvE content, but those that wish to participate in PvP content can do so at will.
* We are actively seeking a battleground commander if anyone is interested in taking up the mantle. You would be responsible for clan warfare and PvP coordination.


Cerulean Thunder was created with the intention of giving new players, and returning players that have been away for a long time, a place to meet other new players and learn end-game and high level content together. We hope to run raids and difficult dungeons together, help each other level their Soul Boost, Unity, and complete daily challenges, and gain gear.
* Note, ideally we'd have an agreed-upon order for valuable dungeon drops that we'd go in so that nobody pays more than necessary for their gear drops and everyone gets theirs.


- Please be active and present.
- While some of us speak other languages, we do request everyone stick to English.
- Please have a Discord and be able to be active in our server. We will be using its voice chat features for running dungeons and raids.
- Be kind, and willing to be patient with each other. Most of us don't know what we're doing but that's fine, we'll figure it out together.


Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/Guu6GJRmn2 and or post here if you're interested in joining us.
Thanks for making it down here!

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