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Celestival basin Weekly Boss Spawn


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Hello I waited 1 hour today Celestival basin and I'm DIALED before I got to the boss it was dead and then i went to another channel he was dead everywhere and I went right on time you should write times for those bosses I'm tired of waiting for it to appear, I just stand there waiting for it to appearo something about it it's not normal waste of time 😞 I request developers about exact time Celestival Basin state they didn't wait until than it will be Spawn !!!!!

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There should a sheet somewhere on internet in-real-time keeping track of the spawn. If you are doing the bosses for something specific, otherwise like your thread title says; if it is just killing 3 bosses for the weekly challenge i highly recommand you doing 7 times solo instances instead which is always available + easy + no time to waste + it's what most players do.
Celestial basin channels nerfed long long ago from 20 channels . . . and the campers high geared players that one shots bosses are still here as always been, same goes for SSP. forget those, people botting hardcore on high end gears and it IS STUPID

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CB aint SSP and while bosses got updated I never felt like there was a proper timing they'd appear. One would get an info like 1 or 2 min prior their spawning and thats that.


as for the weekly: Do any but CB. Not relyable and if you are lucky and nobody is around it is a pain to kill them yourself.

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