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we need to change something about battlegrounds to make this game less monotonous and stale

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so this post will be realy long because im trying to bring forth the issues with proper details to make the issues as clear as possible so bear with me. also these are my ideas and opinions as someone who has been a Clan-Battleground commander for nearly 2 years and been playing pvp for longer than that.

the PVP scene has been pretty much dead since the Adventurer Tokens have been removed and even though it has had some changes it has never realy recovered from it. alot of people wish battlegrounds to be back and alive and iam one of them so ive decided to make a more detailed post about what are the issues and possible changes to get people to play battlegrounds.
the rather obvious big topics will be balancing and the rewards.

1. Balancing
now this wont be as long as you might think because i have some ideas to fix atleast the majority of it with some simple changes to some stats.
battlegrounds in its current state is just complete glasscannon type gameplay, most people die way too fast. this goes as far as very high geared players even being able to completly 1 shot other players with skills who's main intention is actualy to CC them wich obviously is not fun and offers not much counterplay, long story short, survivability of players needs to improve signifcantly.
so i came up with a few ideas, im going to rank them with 1 being probably the easiest and perhaps most efficient change
this list does not mean we need all of these to happen, a good aproach would probably be to make these changes happen 1 by 1 to realy see their impact
1.1 we are hitting the softcap for the defense stat very fast while we actualy have alot of options to increase our defense without much effect due to it so one way would be to either remove or losen the softcap significantly. just to explain in more detail what i mean: 40k Defense is something around 73% damage reduction, if we double it to 80k defense we only get a improvement to about 82%. these amounts of defense are easy to reach with proper insignias and other combat buffs like for example pvp weapon, pet aura and talisman. losening the softcap would increase the dmg reduction % significantly and would certainly counter the very fast deaths noticably and allow for actual counterplay. classes like Destroyer have a buff wich gives them 100% more defense wich actualy gets added to the % value so 80% defense + their buff gets them to 180% wich is far beyond what everyone else is able to reach and is heavily noticable when fighting them. removing or losening the defense softcap should make the gap smaller aswell then. also another thing that falls into a similar category are the stats "Debuff Defense" and "Critical Defense" because people these days have very high amounts of debuff damage and Crit rate these days wich is also a troubling factor for this whole issue of people dying too fast, im not aware of us reaching pretty hard softcaps for debuff defense and critical defense but these stats should receive some buff or increase through other means especialy since these stats wont affect pve gameplay in any way
1.2 rework the hongmoon points (from the menu hotkey P). the last changes there are very old at this point and its overall beyond my understanding why the developers gave the extra bonuses fixed values instead of % increases since % bonuses would be way better long term since they would grow together with the players instead of becoming redundant over time (i believe 10 points into defense gives as bonus 180 defense, that is so low its actualy worthless and 20k extra HP, player these days run around with 800k-1m hp so these few extra hp are not helping a single bit) so to make additional points into defense more viable again for pvp (and perhaps for pve for the higher difficulty floors of the demonsbane dungeons) these bonuses should be changed to % buffs and some extra critical defense and debuff defense would surely help alot aswell and also would fit quite nicely. for example: 10 pts = 20% more hp, 10% more defense/debuff defense/critical defense | 20 pts =  18% more hp, 8% more defense/debuff defense/critical defense | 50 pts =  30% debuff defense for 5 seconds when being stunned/dazed/knockdown/knockback/airborn, cooldown 30 seconds | 80 pts =  15% more hp, 6% more defense/debuff defense/critical defense | 100 pts =  10% damage reduction for 5 seconds when successfully escaping stun/daze/knockdown. (etc until 175 points)
1.3 reworked pvp soulshields and pvp Gildstones
pve soulshields are being used in pvp for a long time now wich is kinda sad considering people have spent alot of time and effort in the past to unlock the latest pvp soulshields so rebalancing those would be very nice (i still have mine laying around) and similar to the hongmoon point topic we should give them % increase to keep them future proof. first of all damage buffs for skills should be equal to the True Poharan soulshield set (atleast on the highest tier/Ethereal pvp soulshields), the 5 set effect of the current pvp soulshields gives a defensive buff for certain amount of hits wich is nice but im unaware how exactly this defensive buff works so perhaps something needs to be swapped with % buffs aswell and besides that this buff works well as it is. as for other bonuses the pvp soulshields should give extra hp and debuff/critical defense on the 3 set and 8 set effects (obviously % buffs once again). now to make pvp soulshields less viable for pve i would suggest changing the main stats of each soulshields so they cannot have crit as stat (some of them are able to have crit, perhaps replacing crit with piercing would do well, making crit completly unavailable for the pvp set). as for gildstones i dont have a completly thought-through idea but one thing that would be great would be a gildstone for bracelet wich has the same main stat but as extra effects (wich are being unlocked when upgrading to +1/+2/+3) have similar defensive buffs as the current pvp bracelet wich is very old at this point as well (making pvp gildstones only available via battlepoints)

this wont have multiple points because i dont think theres need for it as all of these things will probably have to change
Venture Tokens are probably not needed if its rewarding through other means and iam pointing directly at the Oculus Stone Chest and the Starcross Stone Chest wich can be bought at the battleground trader for battlepoints. 2000 battlepoints get me 5 oculus Stone Fragment wich are being used to upgrade the latest accessories, just  to explain how much of a joke this is here are some numbers: a normal battleground match gives around 100 battlepoints if lost, can go up to 1000 battlepoints if won (usualy lower, more like 800-900 per match with win) with all existing buffs running (clan bonus from clan battleground + premium membership + battle frenzy wich is limited to specific times) so getting 1 box can take between 2 to 20 matches depending on how its going so lets assume 4 matches per box cause im an absolute god-gamer and win nearly every game, thats about 40 minutes to 1h depending on map/gamemode for 5  oculus stone fragments, upgrading 1 single accessory into higher stages uses thousands of oculus stone fragments. these chests shouldnt have a weekly limit and should be buffed to maybe 75 Oculus stone fragments (or 100) to make this box any worth (without increasing the price), same thing of course for the Starcross crystal chest (and future upgrading materials for future accessory tiers) another thing that is heavily unavailable are Stigma Crystals for upgrading the talisman, the talisman has many defensive buffs useful for pvp so they would be a perfect addition for the Battleground merchant with maybe 5 weekly buys or more, keep in mind due to the rng of the upgrades you need a massive amount of those aswell. also 1 more thing i would like to see improved are the buffs of the clan bonus from clan-battlegrounds, just straight up buffing the % bonuses would be sufficient most likely. i had the idea to cut the daily challange gold in half but double it again for characters affected by clan bonuses wich would give it far more value and also nerf down multi-client abusers but since the community is full of those people i doubt that people would want to see that happen (even tho i would love it). another thought i had would be a Clan-merchant wich sells additional upgrade materials every week depending on the clan rank, preferably manage the amount of extra items per week with the rank instead of locking certain items behind ranks because stigma crystals are cool and all but if they are locked behind rank 1 only then thats quite useless

so this is the end of my omega-long post about battlegrounds in its current state, i hope atleast Greenstorm will read this and reply too since hes realy the only hope for us to see good things happening.
besides that i would encourage everyone to queue for Clan Battlegrounds on tuesdays (EU server atleast and maybe we can make saturday more lively again aswell) since there are other clans (including my clan) queuing and playing legitimately even in this currently poor state
feel free to add  your own ideas or thoughts to this in the comments and i hope i see yall out there in nova core again someday, preferably chasing after balls and not playing team deathmatch

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I really like the idea of a clan merchant. As another long time PvP player I must say this post bring up several good point. And even a good base of where to start looking into making the changes. 

And pvp is quite popular in the gaming community in general, so it could definitely bring in more new and old players, which is needed. 

And changing the game play from spamming your iframes and attacks and hoping that you oneshot the enemy before he oneshots you, that would be amazing. To have some game play.

I don't need rewards really, because I enjoyed the BG on its own. But that would motivate people even more to play, which is the goal after all. 

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I just want 1v1 to be alive again. Even the Private Server is dead by now. 

The removal of Soul stones from pve was a good thing but Soul stones are not enough to make this gamemode worthwhile for most people. 


Sadly NCwest will not do anything last time i asked about this @Green Stormtold me he was working on it for several months which just proves they dont care about it at all. Thx to that decision me and thoose few PVP Lovers log in. Get immediatly to gold rank. Have noone to play with unless we lose on purpose and we cant play the rest of the season. 


Its not even fun going to gold since like 99% of players you encounter feel like they are bots cause they just spam their skills and you can see they have no idea what they are doing. 


The only solution there is, is adding HM coins back and actully and this might sound weird we would have to actully ban wintraders and not ignore any kind of report comming in about them but NCwest refused to do this for several years. Its a miracle they didnt remove the HM coins in 2018 already cause thats around the time they stopped supporting PVP completly. 

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I have been playing actively 6v6 sine the mode was available. 

I remember the good old times when your game just randomly froze while turning your cam oder just running xD. 

Your post is great and you have really good ideas but tbh I doubt ncsoft gives a s...  . Especially the Hong moon coin rewards more hmc = money loss for them. 

It wouldn't surprise me if the would remove hmc even from all the pve rankings at some point. 

I hope they do something but the chance is way to slim cus they don't care at all. 

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On 2/25/2023 at 2:52 PM, Saito Sacchi said:

Might also consider bumping it to @Primali hence they joined forums and began posting after Green went radio silent.

Copypasting a maintenance announcement once a week is hardly what I'd call "posting"

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