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summoner deemed useless


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i am getting taken off party even though my bap is average with the team. The summoner does little damage, the grab is weak compared to all the others existing, with the resurrection charm also the cat ress has lost its value.

Can you add a useful party bonus or damage boost to pve? currently we see benched 


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Depends what the party was for, they might have found someone better.

Though i would agree our grab bonus is worthless, and would be ncie to have some form of party support like other classes have.


as it stands currently all summoner is good for is jsut dps nothing more, and that only if you are geared high enough.

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Considering the current economical state of the game, I highly doubt that this kind of feedback is being listened to.

I feel you, though. As someone who plays multiple classes (Summoner included), I can clearly see, why some are in higher demand than others, with balance being all over the place. I recommend to get a comfy Clan or some friends in-game, so you can play whichever class you like, without the feeling of being a burden.

UFO-cats wtf btw.

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