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Demonsbane Ranking - Week of January 4-11

Green Storm

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After further discussion with the development teams, we’d like to clarify the situation of the January 4-11 week for the Demonsbane rankings.


During that week, ranking for the fourth “week” of the current Demonsbane season will continue instead of being a separate week.  It means that your Demonsbane scores will allow you to climb the ladder for the last “week” of the season, which will last for two weeks in real time.


On January 11, the top-ranked characters of each class will automatically receive the regular weekly rewards. We’re currently investigating the feasibility of doubling those weekly rewards to compensate for missing a week of rewards, plus a little extra to apologize for the trouble.


The seasonal rankings will also be updated with scores that players obtain during the week of January 4-11, as it would normally be. Seasonal rewards will be distributed on January 11, as expected.


We apologize for the inconvenience that this situation caused and for the late communication on the issue.

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