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System to be reviewed for new players


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Hello, I left the game and return in 2022 and I finished the yellow quests and unlock all the dungeons, I started the soul boost:


- Arsenal quest and aircraft available as inter-server (I just follow the people who run over the boss)

- Quest Crypte naryu, drake retreat of ebony and forest of echoes: not available in inter-server: I have been looking for groups in world for 3 days and it is either: there is nobody, or they do not want to take me because I do not have enough dps

-  Nexus and other dungeons: ejected from group because not enough dps… even if I have the required equipment

-  Solo dungeons: what are these dungeons where I have the prerequisites but I do 0 of damage or I almost one shot? (I have +1800 P-A)


I do not mind that you delete the low level dungeons but also the 60?? should not abuse in your cleaning... all you do is make new players want to remove the game….

PS: I gave up the idea of being recruited into a clan in my language it looks like there is no one left

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I can't spend my days waiting for a generous soul to agree to accompany me to the dungeon, I haven't advanced an inch. It's a shame to abandon players who want to play. This game won't last long. Best wishes

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yet this seems to be an issue. plus w/ storygear any soulboost dungeon should be manageable - slowly but steady. and depending on what server I have to point out to many daily groups recruiting for soulboost content.

"not enough dps" however seems to be the issue. since neither soulboost dungeon really brings a dps requirement, therefore I assume you seek free carry which occasionally does happen.

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