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Great Windwalk Race, Week 3: leaderboard and bans

Green Storm

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Hi everyone,


We’re approaching the end of week 3 of the Great Windwalk Race. We’ve actioned accounts with temporary bans and will monitor the actions of all accounts participating in the Great Windwalk Race. Any account we find cheating during week 4 will be permanently banned from the game. This is not an action we take lightly, as we’ve issued multiple warnings during the past 2 weeks.


We’d also like to clarify that during the past two maintenances, we have taken actions to prevent the accounts with abnormal completion times from receiving weekly rewards. Unfortunately, these actions were not reflected on the leaderboard players could see after the maintenance due to a bug in the script that was used.


Let me remind everyone once more that discussing bans and cheating is not allowed on the Blade & Soul forums. We will continue to moderate messages that violate the Forum Code of Conduct, and ban repeated offenders from the forums. Players who want to discuss their individual cases can contact the Customer Support Team, or update their existing tickets.



The Blade & Soul Team.

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