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2022 Cosmetic Design Contest Top 5 Finalists – Vote Now!


2022 Cosmetic Design Contest Finalists Voting  

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  1. 1. Vote for your favorite 2022 Cosmetic Design Contest entry

    • Autumn Breeze by Celestia Kyoko
    • Encore by Ellnora
    • Euterpe's Symphony by LeafMaple
    • Heavens Legend by Floor Tank
    • Magnolia Grace by Tsukiineko

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  • Poll closed on 10/31/2022 at 10:00 PM

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For this year’s 2022 Cosmetic Design Contest we asked you to design an outfit for the new Musician class, and you delivered! Have a look at the top 5 finalists and vote for your favorite Musician design now!


Use the forum poll system at the top, select the finalist you want to vote for and click on “Submit Vote” to cast your vote! You can only vote for one entry. Voting ends on October 31, 3:00pm PST / 10:00pm UTC. The design with most votes will be our Grand Prize winner whose design will be created and put into the game for all players around the world to enjoy!


Here are the Top 5 finalists of our 2022 Cosmetic Design Contest!

Autumn Breeze by Celestia Kyoko:



Encore by Ellnora:


Euterpe's Symphony by LeafMaple:



Heavens Legend by Floor Tank:



Magnolia Grace by Tsukiineko:



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Hi Crickets,


Thank you all for joining this year's Cosmetic Design Contest by participating with a submission or by voting for your favorite design!


We are currently reviewing the voting of the 5 finalists as we want to make sure the Cosmetic Design Contest has a fair outcome, and your most favorite design is crowned as the Grand Prize Winner.

There is the possibility that we may disqualify votes that are against our General Rules which could result in having a winner that may not visibly appear to have the highest vote count, as disqualified votes will still be visible on the forum.

Recounting and checking all votes manually will slightly delay the winner announcement.


Thank you for your patience.

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