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Blademaster skill translations still not corrected


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i class changed to a blademaster and noticed the skill translations are still wrong.


The Spirit Sword passive still states it increases Boss AP by +120 but it actually increases by 4%.

I added the english and korean texts here. I confirmed this with tests and looking at the game files that it should be 4%.




The 1-2 talent on on Spirit Sword is also very misleading. It states it "Increases Critical Damage while using Flock of Blades" but the increase is not noted on any tooltips. This is another translation issue since in the KR version it is clearly showing an increase from 20% to 50% on the tooltip.



EU/NA 1-2 talent. No critical damage increase on the tooltip. Goes from +20% to +20%.



KR 1-2 talent. Critical damage increase to 50% noted on the tooltip.


I confirmed these values are correct in our version of the game. The text is just missing.


Players that do not look up info on external sources will get confused by these translation issues. The only change with that talent you see ingame is a decrease in damage on Flicker and Dragontongue.


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