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With the New Dungeon coming, will the Starcross Ring and Earring have guaranteed upgrades?

Toms Ego

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The system design change of removing the rng from the skystealer accessory upgrade path was a really great idea and very well received by the western community.  I don't think its very surprising either since the western playerbase has always been averse to RNG upgrades since it was first introduced with premium trans stones. 


But the question going forward is will we be able to upgrade old starcross equipment without having to worry about RNG?  I think the only thing players didn't like about the implementation of the new skystealer upgrade system was that it came so late in the game, when a lot of us had already upgraded to the new starcross tier.  I would love to see the starcross ring and earring get a non-rng upgrade path released with this new dungeon!  I know a lot of people are hesitant to upgrade now because they don't want to have a feeling of regret down the road.  I think this is something the community would love to get right on release.  It would certainly encourage players to upgrade their equipment and improve, instead of having mixed feelings.

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First off as someone who just rejoined the game. I think this is not a problem. I just whish it would be written somewhere that i have to +11 my accesories to use succesion. Cause of that i am forced to stay at skystealer even tho i already have starcross stuff. Upgrading 1 accesorie to +11 takes way to much time since skystealer crystals are super expensive. I want the need of skysstealer to be heavily reduced up to stage 11. 


Also stuff like finding people to run normal modes and hardmodes is super hard. Even demonsbane stage 5 is hard cause people dont take me even tho i usually do more than people with full star cross gear. 

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