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Can't Teleport to Mushin's tower

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I am at Level 47 I am trying to complete the following Quests:

  • - Chapter 1: the road to Darkness
  • - The calling of the Naryu Sage

I followed every advice in the forums and on the videos that try to explain how to teleport there but nothing works. I have the yellow quest mark on the tower and the blue is hudden. I click on it and I get nothing at all.
This is very frustrating please help

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Could you provide a screen shot of your screen or maybe of your Moonwater Plains map?

I notice a lot of the YouTube guides that come up are extremely old and outdated and might be making it seem more complicated. Did you click on the Read Yura's Letter prompt in your quest log on the right side of your screen? If so, when your open your Moonwater Plains map, is there a Yellow Arrow on Mushin's Tower? Is this where clicking does not work?


It's been many years since I've done this, so I can't remember exactly. If this is after you finish up in Greenhollow, you might have to actually use the Portal that spawns in the hut there for your first time teleporting.

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