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Old raids and gold income


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Hello everyone  

I m a old player  that never actually stop play but lately im slowing down on my time spend on the game and that is simple, This new  ideia of keeping everything (acc and  ss and now the new badge ) on solo content and  Demosbane  is not bad but have the negative side that be, i can farm the new acc  on stage  6,  but after i need to spend 35k gold to put them  +11 and there is  litraly no gold income like none is impossible, use 500G every time i try to upgrade from +9 to +10  what will fail and i can farm MAX 1k gold per day ( that if i do everything that is possible to do on the game daily) what no one does. my ideia is!!!  we have old raid content amazing mechanics  that  have no use at all atm, so why dont do a  weekly rotation on F8 of the old raids on "hard mode " this means  more hp  and 12 man mechanics ! Starting on black tower and go all the way to Iron ark ( keep in mind you still have the normal raid whit the normal loot this "hard mode " verson of it is more of a end game content for pll that have end game gear and only need gold atm) on this "hard mode " verson you can put the boss drop Upsurge essense  or other currency whit a merchent for trading, and give gold chest on dynamic quests  so we can have 1 more way of making gold. 
Keep in mind some pll will like it others will hate it, we know that pll will say ( you are just recycling  old content we want new not old content) but this old content is amazing and is just stupid wasting!

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