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Please replace the 10k and 100k exp Charms from Login rewards...they are just not of this age

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Please remove them. Since you need millions/billions to level the 10k and 100k exp are just a slap in your face. A few months ago the charms at the login rewards where all 1mil ones. Please change those back.

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I never did understand why they cut login reward XP from 1,010,000 (4,040,000 if premium) to 110,000 (440,000 if premium). This has never been explained to us, never was in any patch notes, no justification given.

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Login rewards are terrible in general... and they want us to be online for 3 hours to get ONE event currency.

They could just change the required time... like from every 30 min down to every 10 min (1 hour total).

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