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I first wanted to say that the implementation of the global world chat was a fantastic idea. When I first returned to BnS I was greeted to a completely dead faction no one would talk/ post raids/ daily trains etc. From a retuning player pov this was depressing to see a game so dead. It wasn’t until after talking to another player in the same faction who told me that Crimson faction was just dead and Ceru was the populated active faction. The sad thing is, is how many new and retuning players possibly experience this? How many have quit seeing how dead chat and game activity was. I do feel that this global chat will help a lot in getting parties together faster and help make sure players who need help get help! A few other quality of life changes I feel would help:


 - adding more scale chests into dungeon rewards or adding scale drops into boss drop loot. I have never had an issue we’re i had Vials and pods so piled up but no scales to upgrade the items. Currently we get about 10 scale chests a day giving frags that barely make 1 or 2 scales. Late game items need 30+ sometimes more meaning it’ll take minimum 15 days just to upgrade one item. A great thing of a MMO is being able to grind and farm and with the removal of scale drops a necessary item for upgrades a big part of that has been removed.


- There’s a huge list of old purple dungeons that have great mechs and we’re a ton of fun to complete that now just collect dust. I feel instead of having a set list of dungeons on rotation update old and new have them always available with unique loot. EI: pets/ pet pods/ outfits/ vials/ gems/ etc. I know raids are now phased out but I feel that upping the HP/ dmg every few months would be nice too. Black tower last boss had one of the most amazing and interactive mechanics I have ever see in a game and now you tap the boss and he dies. 

-player interaction something I find lacking in BnS is player to player interaction you can’t pick up each other / hug/ etc i know that’s out of your hands but maybe throwing the idea over to the dev team :3 #MMORolePlay xD


- PvP now I personally hate pvp I suck at it and I’m a easy rager, but a huge portion of the player base is begging for help from NCsoft to revive pvp. I feel a good way is revamp or add a pvp event to help quickly catch up players to a decent level of pvp gear, host monthly pvp tournaments you can utilize BnS tv make it all epic, and give out some great rewards custom title / outfit (limited to that month).


- Cash shop outfit rotation this has been a cry for help for years, idk who picks what outfits to put up but please make a poll or something asking what players would like to see in the shop and trust me I guarantee you’ll see some big mula coming your way. Not only does this make the player base happy it makes NCSoft happy die to revenue income.


thanks for reading please keep this topic on track addition suggestions are ofc more then welcome!

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Indeed world chat is a very good move


There are alot of quests removed from game that either give achievement or outfit

would be very nice to get those back


exampel: A sticky situation / achievement - Gloomdross

                 Yehara's Mirage - Shadowstrike / outfit collection - Yehara's Mirage




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There a realy a dozen outfit collections that I want to complete but not possible (Gloodross for example) Make it possible to buy them please.

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