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Congratulations on SoulBoost fix

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i was at lvl62 and got that 4750exp for logging in.

(i needed to do csc5 to get any exp since the breaking patch)


i have done all soulboost quests except for the last primeweald one and all the solo dungeons and i didnt plan to do them.

so i reached lvl66 for free.

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3 hours ago, lillvargen said:

I think those points were ment to be the 7/7 dailies completion

so if you already finished those it doesn't bring you higher

I haven't finished all 21x 7/7 dailies on any of my characters though.

So on my KFM it reflects properly, I gained 8 levels from 53 > 61. Need to check the others, but so far my gunner only gained 1 level from 53 > 54.

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10 hours ago, kLaii said:

So according to my soulboost, it gave 4750 xp

My alt that was at 65 (only missing a few Duo runs in the solo place) went to 66.


All my other alts went from 15 up to 22.


I have not done any soulboost on those alts beside logging in and Koldrak.

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This is what I can see after checking all my characters post-maintenance without doing soulboost related content:

SIN: 49 > 50
GUN: 53 > 54
KFM: 53 > 61
BD: 46 > 49
WL: 47 > 52
DES: 46 > 50
WD: 44 > 47
BM: 46 > 50
SUM: 43 > 45
ARC: 43 > 45
FM: 46 > 49
SF: 46 > 47
AST: 45 > 47
DB: 44 > 47


Not sure why some are barely getting any levels (SIN, GUN, SF for example) while most are getting the correct amount.

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