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Returning player (5-6 yrs) - Movement issue

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Hey guys. From reading through the forums, I gathered that programs like x-mouse are blocked by GameGuard now. I have (I guess) a low-end wireless mouse (BlackWeb) that doesn't have any driver or support software for it, so I'm stuck with basic keyboard/mouse controls. Which is fine by me, for the most part.. as when I played before, I only used x-mouse to bind movement keys, and used the keyboard for skill sets (except SS, of course). I guess my question is: are we stuck with this, or can I get a higher-end gaming mouse with its own key-binding/macro software that GameGuard and in-game settings will allow? I never really used macros when I played previously... I just want to confine movement to the mouse so that the keyboard hand can concentrate on learning the new skills (I was FM before... trying out Gunslinger this time). Any and all advice would be welcomed and appreciated. Thank you!! =D

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