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Looking for English speaking clan

Lil QD

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Not really a good setup to search for a clan in-gam.  For social clan, I don't want to click join that has 2 people in it and people just want to socialize but don't want to play as there's no information to read as what this clan expects and what they are all about.  For competitive clan, there's no option to join and no option for search for clan's name.


I'm basically looking for a clan that's laid back and does raids regularly, and has good amount of active players.


About me: 

level 60, hongmoon level 15 so far, completed main story, working on side stories now.

Lyn BD and I love her.

First time playing BnS, still learning about this game, example these materials I have in my bags and not sure what to do with them.

Used to play WoW for 5 years and Tera, so I'm not new to MMO.  

I worked at home, right now I have a lot of time to play until June, after that I'll be able to play starting 4pm EST, I'm a grown up so I could play for hours with few interruptions at home with dogs and boyfriend.




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