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This update has some issues

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SoulBoost is almost impossible for alt characters. Not enough daily dungeons to be done, have to rely on PvP that basically none queues after the HMC change, also have to do Koldrak and rely on its times when its up, and lastly need to do 3x Hard Mode dungeons to complete the quest "Howl of the hound". Solution is to put back old Dungeons like Hoi TC etc in the list of daily dungeons available to do everyday. Unacceptable


Entrance to Master Hong (Circle of Sundering) is bugged, community found if you try to pass the portal by its right corner it does the job, however we had to stay till 3 am some of us yesterday here in Europe because completing 5/5 was impossible until waiting for Koldrak again. This is not acceptable


100k XP charms while paying for premium. XP farm is gone from Aero, and we get 100k and 10k charms when we need BILIONS for Hongmoon levels, what are you guys thinking here? And we're paying this. Unacceptable


New dungeon resets, unexistant. Howl of the Hound still give as quest reward a reset for Aero/Substratum, the new dungeon reset cannot be found anywhere. Unacceptable.

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Firstly, I'd like to say the new content is challenging enough, but the HP values are pretty high for our current gear. I truly doubt a team of average players can clear Stage 6+ of the new dungeon reliably for the new accessories and weapon. In comparison to Chaos Supply Chain, the dps requirement is pretty huge imo. (No, I don't have a problem, but that's cause I have about 8k BAP and what not). I'm just thinking how it's gonna deter a portion of the players because they'd be farming to realise they're stuck until they gear more.


RNG class drops is also a very backward system, but that's been anticipated anyway. We're going back to a system from BT and VT days, except that it's worse since it's only class specific, not even a category of classes or elements (which we had). Very fun.

Soul boost dungeons are kind of a mess; in the sense you can't run them from F8 anymore. The 50 AP achievement is literally undoable now since it requires Demonsbane runs to count (I've tried clearing AD on Hard Mode, didn't count). I need this needs to be addressed so that players can work towards the achievement asap rather than having wasted uncounted runs. I'm also questioning, but how are we supposed to get fusion stones consistently if they don't drop from FoE anymore? Or am I mistaken. Thanks for reading my rant.

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Progression for slightly older gear is also greatly more difficult as well! Scale Support Fragment Chests are only in the older dungeons...and some that had scales had their scales removed! Please explain how I am to upgrade my Pet Aura, Talisman, ect ect without access to various Scales.

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The patch really screwed up the game and the low lvl gear and weapons are no match in trying to lvl up in any sense of the word. Circle of sundering is really messed up for my characters; hard to get in, Yonkai; I can't see the Bomb anymore, and if any of my characters make it to Master Hong .... he is totally invulnerable to any attack; they can't even inflict  paper cut damage to him.   Sanctum of Masters every time a Boss shows up my character takes an automatic

3/4 to 9/10th health hit .... how the heck are you suppose to survive. Not to mention the auto track/ fire and forget fireballs and poison darts.  Half the time my shields and Blocks won't work when I press the appropriate key; no matter how many times i press that key.  Soul Boost is Broke and now un-atainable  for any of my characters now. and your cost for anything from you STORE is in my opinion over priced and you aren't varying items in the store. Your SEVERS SUX !!!!!

any time we can get a team put together; leave it to the servers to disconnect 1/2 of the team.  Response from the DEVs from what i have seen has been Nil; and I get tired of hearing they're looking into it and nothing changes.


I also am going to Blame the Players themselves for their GREED in the market with the outrageous price tags they put on everything.  Me if I do decide to sell something I just look at the current price being asked for and cut that in 1/2 to 3/4.... I still make money but I'm not STUPID GREEDY.

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