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chapter 6 the bully, can't change to faction outfit

Lil QD

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I'm new here.

I don't know if it's a bug since the new update yesterday.

I'm on this quest now that requires me to change into my faction outfit crimson and it won't let me switch to any faction outfits, it's greyed out.

It'll let me switch to other outfits though.  I tried moving to different map, doesn't work.  I tried removing everything on my character except the current outfit i'm currently wearing and it doesn't work.  I wanted to try unequip the current outfit first and I used to be able to do it in inventory, but since the update it's not showing the outfit that I'm currently wearing in the inventory anymore.    I think they moved it somewhere else, I saw it once before by accident but don't remember how I got there.  F3 does show what I'm wearing but there's not option to unequip current outfit, there's option to switch outfit, I just wanted unequip first, then put on outfit and see if that works, instead of switching outfit.  I submit a ticket , I'm not sure if it's a bug that I'm not able to change to faction outfit and since I don't know how long it'll normally get a response.  Meanwhile, could someone help me?

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press I, on the right there's 3 tabs (used to be 2 only). The third tab contains the cosmetics you are gearing. You don't need to gear crimson/cerulean. Did you read the quest text by any chances? It states that you gear the green-ish outfit they just gave you.

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thank you for replying.  I figured it out. My outfits are in the showroom, I didn't realize I have to move it to inventory first, closed the showroom screen and then equip the outfit.

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