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Interview with the "last" Hongmoon Warrior....

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IAN:...Hey BNS fans, this is Iam Nosey, with an online interview with KittyAura, the last Hongmoon Warrior..."

KA:..."Er, if I may interject, Nosey, I am actually NOT, the last Hongmoon Warrior..."

IAN:..."Eh, but my sources clearly said..."

KA:..."Well," said KittyAura with a sad smile, "its true and yet not true, like many things here in this place."

IAN..."Please explain for our readers..."

KA:,,, "Well, you see, Nosey, that almost everybody here in this place we find ourselves in, is, and sincerely believes, that they are the last Hongmoon Warrior, same as me."

IAN:... "How is this possible? I mean, how many "Last" Hongmoon Warriors are there?

KA:... "No idea, but I met this guy named Loko, and he told me of the Mxyzptlk Universe, where multiple universes cross and meet in one place, and, in its craziness, it all made sense to me. He said he came from somewhere over the Rainbow, and had met many different Loko's beside himself, in a place similar, yet different to this, just as I have met many different Hongmoon Warriors here. Dude had a nice pair of Alligator shoes too, very dapper."

IAN: "So, hmm, well where are you from, then, y'know, like, where did you grow up?"

KA:..."No idea." KA shrugged. "Well, in one of these Mxyzptlk Universes, I was an Assassin, really cute, too... But my personal first memory is waking up at the Hongmoon School. I've searched all over this world and there's no village or town of Lyns, much less Katgirls, and no one I have ever spoken to knows where they came from either. Most don't seem to care."

IAN:..."Ooookkkkk... um, so, how long were you a student at the school, did Master Hong teach you all kind of cool secret stuff?"

KA:... "Not exactly, no," and KittyAura looked very sad. "He gave me a book, and I had a few lessons from the others there and then... Well, it sorta all went to heck, and I ended up in the water..."

IAN..."So you got no teaching?"

KA:..."A former student taught me a lot, as he survived for a while, and I have worked hard and learned much from others, including Master Hong, along the way. I am most grateful."

IAN:..."Hmmm. Ah, so, what about her, this Jinsoyun? There have been rumors that she killed your master... You must hate her a great deal."

KA...:" No, her vendetta was valid, as her master was betrayed by another, her master's sword stolen... She has redeemed herself in my eyes. If you had seen her as I have, a young, innocent child, trapped in a room at the Hongmoon School... alone... You know, I used to visit her, and sit with her. Even set off fireworks I saved to entertain her..."

IAN:..."Isn't that a bit, well, odd?..."

KA:... "Sure, but, someone once told me 'That if the world around you isn't real to you, then maybe you aren't either'...That's why I climb palaces and cliffsides, towers of rock and do  long jumps, to make the world more real... as for Jynsoyun," KittyAura's eyes lit up "It wasn't her fault, she was made to be that way. And later, whenTPTB left her out in the rain, for months, well, that put me on my current path."

IAN:..."What, you no longer follow the Path of Hongmoon?"

 KA:... "I follow my own path, as must we all. The Hongmoon School is no longer what this is all about..." her eyes teared up. "They killed my students. My friends. Murdered. I will never forgive them."

IAN:..."The Ebondrake?"

KA:..."No, TPTB. They consider themselves gods to manipulate as as they wish, not always to our benefit. I will waste no love on the likes of them."

IAN:..."What will you do?"

KA:... Leans closer, looks around and whispers..."I'm looking for someone... or...someTHING..." She winked. "You've been around as a nosey reporter, seen alot, yes?"

IAN:... "Yes, I should say so... But, how can I be of service?"

KA:..."At certain points of time, I re-enter areas and face foes that have suddenly become far stronger than I, monsters I used to toss around like candy are suddenly able pound me into snail snot, and not just bosses. Its like I am a kitten again, over and over again.... And so..."

IAN:... "And so?"

KA:..."I've come to the conclusion that there must be a school, a dojo for monsters somewhere... And I want to study there, become a student of the Hongmoonster Way."

IAN:... "You're kidding.."

KA:... "On the contrary, I have never been more serious. The monsters I have seen do not attack one another, they live in harmony together. Most of them only attack when attacked, or their territory is threatened. I have certainly seen enough so-called Hongmoon warriors from other Mxyzptlk universes fight each other, do what they can to annoy the heck out of others, kill another far weaker than themselves without notice, without honor,  a cowardly act... So in  the Hongmoon Way, if there is no harmony, it cannot be a complete teaching. With all respect to Master Hong, all must choose their own path. And I feel there is much to learn from the Monsters, who, after all, will always be stronger than any of us, if that is the will of TPTB."

IAN:...'Uhhhh, you have certainly made some interesting points.. Thank you, and thank you studio audience, and thanks to the, um, not "Last" Hongmoon warrior... I guess...Do you have anything else to say, before we sign off?:"

KA:..."Oh, I get the last word? Cool! All you out there in the Mxyzptlk Universe,  have fun and do your best to follow Master Hong's teaching. And if you should come across that Monster School, I'd appreciate you leaving a note with the puppy in the office, and please give him a pat on the head...I call him "Tiny" after the first dog I had as a kid.... Thank you all for reading my little interview, and good playing to you... And good luck in your dealings with TPTB..."                              

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