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some Bugs since donno but fix it finally..

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First of all i play this game since Beta @Green Storm and i thought i would never give my feedback here but i see no end here with all the Bugs..
The more content you release, the more errors creep in and at some point you can't keep up (like now)
And it doesn't seem like anything will change in the near future either, you think that the bugs won't bother anyone, but you should really spit your heels and step on the gas here. and make everything a little more player friendly. Don't get me wrong the content that awaits us is more than grandiose but if everything is just bugging around here in the near future how are you supposed to look through it
I also understand that you want to get your own View of the game and the community first, but the community is already approaching you, but everything just feels ignored for real.. 

Bug list and I will also be happy to edit everything here that people have noticed...

- Starseeker Illusion Weapon Skins + Alabaster Weapon Skin no texture´s + Plume Illussions Weapon Effect should not the right one at the moment... check it..

- the whole F2 is buggy since 2016/17 pls fix this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ already.. it shows Characters that doesnt exist anymore  since 2016 / Server that doesnt exist anymore since 5 Years 
  the whole Stats are buggy bring a Synchron System between F2 + (P) Profil Character to show the right Stats or smth like that. Create a new Database maybe it seems this one is not working anymore.. 

- Since PoH Update we had 3 Mainteance´s and not even 1 fixed the Soulshields + Gems Pictures on F2 rly sad... ( and not only the Pic´s are missed they miss also the            Mystic + Recovery Stats on it in F2 
-     https://gyazo.com/0951516ff0bccfd84b862f40a3cc5ab0


- FoE ( Forest of Echoes Dungeon ) Gunner + 3 Spec Destro miss 1 Hand / 1 Weapon / 1 poor (right side from character) in this Dungeon.

- SF Tripple Skill is buggy -> additional Dmg will not applied

- The new Octagonal Fuse Gems dont show any Texture on it ... check it.. would not wondering when the Crits not work cuz its missed xD ... sad but yeah
-       before   https://gyazo.com/7c54a051e0bad7ade2cead1890ce7eb5
-       after  https://gyazo.com/d62bf3052e2981109e2cf99545a287c5   (text dissapear) 

- We miss still the old Upgrade Showcase Path´s for Weapon Accesoires etc. pp in the Game.. you said months ago you will bring it back so where is it... 

- Bulbari Candy gives since Dropsscotch Release no EXP Increase... 



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@Green Storm


- Friendlist(f4) is not Up2date it needs a relog to see when ppl are offline when they log out until you play ( No Live Friendlist)


- F2 Picture/portait Option is buggy 90% from the playerbase Pictures/Portraits will be deleted every night on the same Time 0.00 AM->1.00 AM 

Every day you habe to put again a New portrait on it.. boring


- (Sanctum of the Masters) Talisman Effects will be not displayed correctly on the left Corner above (on top)


- Check the Dropscotch Cake Discription says 700 Attack Power you mean 700 Critical...




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