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Feedback: Different modes besides dungeons, like open world bosses, raids, etc

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The only thing new outside of dungeons is the reworked CB (Celestial Basin).


Can we please, please get something else besides more demonsbane and F8 dungeons? Even China is getting open world bosses before GL and KR. 



I know China have their own separate dev team but still we need more variety then dungeons in this game. With the new UE4 this should open back up open 24 men dungeons, raids, etc like back in the early bns days with UE3 but instead it looks like we're going backwards with only dungeons now.

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Agreed. Unfortunately we do know the relatively short to mid term future for BNS: three more Demonsbane dungeons and a solo dungeon are the next major releases after Celestial Basin revamp. Some older dungeons (Starstone Mines, Ebondrake Lair, and Ransacked Treasury, I believe) as well between those releases get revamped too.

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I agree too, Raids especially were always my favorite content.


But I feel there is a need to talk about another underlying issue of raids, aside from the previously mentioned performance issues.


It's not that accessible to all players, you need a group of 12 ppl and then some time in the week to progress in the raid.

So in my opinion the only reasonable way to return raids to the game is by leaving out any progression based rewards (like weapon mat/ss..etc)

And replacing those with rewards that arent necessary for progression, like mainly cosmetic stuff (outfit,weapon skin + maybe some new stuff like emotes or dances lol) while still keeping the quest gold reward and gold chest to give a decent incentive (should be double of serpent den's raid)


This way people won't bump into a wall progression wise, solely because they can't raid. While still making the people who can do the raid feel a bit exclusive just cosmetically.


What do you think?

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As an avid raider myself, I would say that a viable solution is smaller raids like 8-man versions to accomodate the balance between the difficulty of organizing 12 people and to avoid making it too simple with 4-man mechanics. The reason raids are alluring is because it allows room for more complex mechanics or coordination over typical dungeons. 

Raids have often been a barrier for players with lower gear or no time to commit to the game, of which I suppose having an alternative method of obtaining raid gear would suffice (as with Demonsbane type content). However the direction taken to almost completely invalidate raids at this point, kills the appeal to want to raid. With future updates, raids will be pretty much redundant.


Another solution is to have old raids with updated/scaling difficulty to match current gear levels, with appropriate rewards. Clearly many newer or returners never got to experience Scorptomation progression hell and it would be a great joy for them to relive one of the mechanically toughest fights. Maybe.

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