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Kinkoû Order - Crimson Legion

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We have an active clan currently looking for new members. Our faction is Crimson Legion. 

Anyone is welcome, we have both new and seasoned players willing to group up and enjoy the game together. 


Saturday is our chosen day for weeklies and raids, but we have parties going daily for pretty much anything you could need. 


If you're interested in joining you can reply to this thread, or whisper Marihel, Entröpy, DatNiko, OfficialBambooGuard or KuroLilika in game. 

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im very intrested i have taken a very long break from blade and soul a am looking for a clan to help me catch back up im level 60 hm 15 equiment needs quite q lot of woork from wat i notice from other people grand celestail gear rank 4 is my main waepon a im a astromancer


im on server jinsoyun a crimson legion faction my ingame name Izuna Moon if you are still lookibng for peopl let me know

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