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Not working skills

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I have few question.


When NCsoft turned on 4UE my skills 1-9 stop working, when I posted it, GM said me it is good I tell him about it, but 5 months later skills still not working. NCsoft really seems to be such incompetitive company so they are not able fix even this or tell me how to fix it.


Maybea community will help me.


I played this game before and to be honest most probably I only try this game again and after find how bad is I will leave, but at least I want try it because this game have best combat system. On the other hand they do not care about community, is it P2W and instead daily quests and dungeons, you are forced do same thing over and over like ****


Thanks for advice

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I guess you will just have to switch to ENG keyboard, where you have numbers above letters. However it would be great if we didn't need to switch type of keyboard, because when I switch keyboard which I use in my language to ENG keyboard, it also switches y for z and vice versa (and some other symbols changes too). So it sometimes becomes messz to trz to tzpe with that >D.

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