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Sanctum of the Masters Arrives February 9

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Other Changes

We’ll be updating a few accessories to keep the player’s experience consistent. The Daily Dash will feature a new item layout, including updated items in the Devotion Chest and the Burning Devotion Chest. You’ll also get an extra spin between February 9 and March 9, so you can get closer to those chests!

Does this mean you are going for a removal of the Brilliant Venture Token again? I hope you can prove me wrong, esp as the Venture Tokens are already gone from daily dash. I'd be happy if anyone from NCwest could give some feedback on this, before we have another mass premium canceling session again.

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Well... My instincts tell me that they will remove it and change it to some other pouch crystals etc... After that they will do the same for Jyansei's Supply chests. 


Should future event ever gives these Venture Tokens, I probably think the requirements to attain them would be near impossible.

Hopefully they will not remove them....

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That would def make me stop paying for premium. Premium has already so few perks as it is, a lot of them got removed from premium, at this point the only thing worth it is the special rewards from daily dash and the extra daily spin, but now they filled the daily dash with mostly crap, so the extra spin only means you get 3 useless items vs 2, and if they remove the tokens from it then what is the point? Finishing the board faster for the 1 pet pack? All that for $12 a month. No thanks.

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