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Is this company ok?

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Like... is Team BnS doing ok?

- Staff leaving without saying anything

- Radio Silence since November

- Bugs on bugs on bugs and somehow nothing is done about it

- Korea seems like they don't give ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about the west anymore

- No Social activies or Dev Letters in over a year

- We as players don't know anymore what will come in the future

- Streams for Update come across as very cold and is if the streamers had zero f*cks to give about this game

- Everything is gatekeept, we as players have no to zero insight in what you guys are doing

- Every answer we get is a generic answer.


What is wrong? Is it because of the Pandamic? Is it Korea that is to harsh? Is it that this game loses it's player base more and more?


You work environment feels very cold and toxic. It seems like nobody like to work there and spends 50% of their times at work for looking for other jobs.


We really need to know what is going on? This game has become just a game. Nothing more. There isn't a real community anymore, no social events, nothing. No fun streams. No tournaments. Nothing!


Is this company ok? 

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I mean.. the company is doing great.. They just don't care.. Because if you look at their quarterly finance reports, for past already couple years, lineage mobile game is alone making several fold money for them than all pc games combined. They will give some little things with minimal effort to keep milking last players who are ok to spend thousands on game where they can't even adjust patches to our client clearly when bunch npcs talk korean and big event like soul boost rewards are exact copy of KR soul boost even tho we need different number of items or items in general than korean client.

And about why it seems noone wants to work there, probably, yes, we have had several proofs that korea just doesn't listen to feedback ncwest team gives.

And to be completely honest, I wouldn't be surprised in they have had orders from kr side to not respond or comment much on situation, because if NCwest would have to say every 2nd week "yeah, sorry guys they gave us completely broken patch again and we are not allowed to even get our own people to fix it and have to wait till they decide to start fixing stuff and then send over *probably without any testing*" it would make KR look bad which probably is more important to them..

at least that's my take on it all after playing BnS for many years and Lineage 2 for years before that.

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This would be the perfect thread for @Green Storm to reply to.


To show that they intend to answer questions and not just be a silent observer.


I still think they are under some NDA from either KR or the higher ups that prevent them from speaking on the forums unless it goes through 15 layers of "Approving" before it gets writted any where.

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NCwest is going through a lot of problems from what I hear because Korea just doesn't seem to care about us over here and any problems we are having. The Moral has gone way down and yes people are quitting NCwest so please don't blame NCwest for any problems blame NCeast ( Korea ) for them. ATM NCwest can't do anything without the approval from Korea

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This might sound racist what i‘m about to say but this is sadly a real fact. Since plaync is a Korean company there is a lot of elitism happening. Plaync is the mother company of NCSoft. 
Asian companies, especially Korean and China, have such a elitism mentality that extremely reflect with our today‘s society. The CEOs and leaders get payed a lot and always get the biggest part of the cake, while not carring what the lowers do. They just want profit and become more rich. 
This is documented so many times and even is shown on the yet ver popular show 'Squid Game'.

The Producer of 'Squid Game' how today‘s society work in a very extrem way, but it is a very effective metaphor. He also explained the elitism in Asian Countries being way much worse of whta people think of leaders like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. While these two are 'entrepeneurs' most of Asian CEOs are just greedy business men. 
So yeah… we really can feel that. 

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