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Event   [EU only] First Price 25 Sacred Oil

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Event   [EU only]


Christmas Event by Mizuki (*˙︶˙*)☆*°


  • 26.12.2021 - 07.01.2022


  • Price
  • 1. 25 Sacred Oil
  • 2. 100 Evolved Stone
  • 3. Fleeso Pet
  • 4-5. 100x Orb of Ascension Shard
  • 5-10. 10x Transformatione Stone



  1. Select a New Year Outfit or Christmas Outfit  (be creative with the selection of outfits and the colors)
  2. Any kind Idea for ("1.") Outfit and Location will give additional Points. 
  3. Max 1 Picture! 
  4. post it here as a comment! (it have to be seen) (Insert image from URL)




07.01.2022 I will choose the 10 Best Rated Pictures ("Like")

i will choose the winners by the most creative pictures.



not following the conditions will lead in a disqualify

Thank you for participating! 



if you have any question ask me ingame (Mizuki chan) or discord (Mizuki#3463)

Follow my Twitter 🙂


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21 hours ago, Natamiko said:

Wesołych Świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku !


Remove [img]  [/img] Blade and Soul Forums doesn't support this code, if you upload a picture to imgur.com just add .jpg / .png which ever you prefer "Like you did" and paste it to the forums or use "Insert Image from URL" function on the right bottom side of the chat, above "Submit Reply" (If you don't add .jpg or any other ending on your link, Forums will not display the picture and insert image from URL forum function will not work.

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