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4 hours ago, lillvargen said:

using the launcher hmmmm what else you try launch the game with

it doesn't take long to load game, even if I dc at Koldrak I am able to load the game and continue with 2 more chars (with dc after every fight)


well only if you are lucky in a non busy afternoon KOlrak, else it work like for me:

Koldrak kill on main ~20:03 -> disco -> 3 attempts to start client until splash screen shows -> 20:04-> connecting msg on char select for a few minutes-> 20:08:30 ingame with alt-> waiting for char to rly enter Koldrak after clicking it -> 20:09 entered Koldrak loading room wohooo


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22 hours ago, ThisGameSuxAlot said:

Game takes forever and a day to load using the launcher...

Somethings not right if its taking forever to load.

How much ram does your system have spare? On my old i5 4590 (8gb ram) windows 7. It loaded atrociously slowly. When i increased the ram that sped it up substantially.

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