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Player Multibox'ing in The Battlegrounds

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I don't want to do this in the forums, but it seems like the GMs are incapable of handling tickets of players mass reporting players that are multi-clienting griefing in the battlegrounds.


So how come every time someone brings up issues in the forum that get reported to support just get turned away when support doesn't even do anything with the reports they get?


There's a certain player that is constantly multi-clienting his characters in the battlegrounds and manipulating the matches to make sure no one gets credit or rank up if they win or if they lose and the match still counts as using up a placement match for players that are under placement. He's doing this BOTH IN NA & EU to make it worse, so this issue is affecting everyone that's trying to do Battlegrounds matches especially Nova core when ques for that map is already long and to spend an extra 15 minutes on top of the que times to get this guy doing that makes it so that no one wants to que under such disgraceful behavior.


This is breaking term #23 in the Terms and Conditions you guys have highlighted on your website.


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