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Des Sucks?

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Destroyer DPS is bad, i dont know if its me, because other players with lower AP do more damage than me on bosses, also arena is a hell, every class permastuns you and kills you in seconds, except FM, which is worse than des.

So when the other classes will be nerfed or destroyer buffed?

Sin still plays hide n seek, kfm keeps blocking everything and dancing around you, blade cancer blocks everything and does 50% of damage with just pressing a key, etc, its the same **** from 2 years ago.

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Des is not so easy against some class ... Dmg was been ajusted to the point there's no big buff or big nerfs ...


Unlike some class like BM where you don't have a counter class or being ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ against some particular class ...


On fury, you can get KD, you can run out of focus AND some class can burn easely your focus ... 


Even on ember smart people have their way, and if you don't reset properly your fury, redspin/other cds on wedging with grab, you have to stall but some class are better for stalling.


On bg it's supposed to be op tier like weak kfm, but people prefer playing sin or ranged class for easy PVE 😕


Some pro des would probably suggest you to use more often your SS whenver you can, keep your fury for later or switch to persistance for double escape ...


Your dmg comes with fury but also on keeping someone cc on your ember + might cleave dots. You can't wallbang or just plain pve abuse kek ...

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in 1v1 if you are not experienced you will not enjoy it cause starting with bronze there is a high chance of encountering people that even played in Worlds cause they need ranking points to wintrade themselfe. So bad way of learning pvp to be honest.


I recommend getting someone that has exp in pvp and let him play a totally new class to him or a class he knows he is really bad with and spar alot with him.

This way he wont stomp you to the ground immediatly and he can tell you what you are doing wrong.


You can do the same in normal que but like ive written high chance of people that are wintrading and well there is no feedback for you.

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Update: I just played vs a Blade Master, he destroyed me while i was in the ground in less than 5 seconds, thats just stupid, and vs a Astromancer, every time i ccdhim he backuped and then threw me lightings and i received 40%+ of damage among other attacks. I couldnt do a sh*t.

Edit: Another astromancer, lets see how op he is...yeah, its op, he just does circles of lighting, and bouncing lighing balls, he killed me and i just dealt to him 30% of damage, in the second round he did a lighing ball that did at least 60% of damage...this is insane.

Edit 2: A Warden, lets see...he sucked. But i have fighted others Wardens than killed me in 10-20 seconds without problems.  

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More pup.
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