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Event Lamps now share cooldown with mass revival charms [Merged]

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  • NaceryDWU changed the title to Event Lamps now share cooldown with mass revival charms [Merged]

Professional programming... at it's finest.

Sigh, something tells me they got 1000s of items in their database.

And different timers/cds on different values/switches.

So once again they took one that is already in use, instead of making a new value, or use a unused one.


So 2 items or more share the same value that triggers the same cooldown.

In this case the lamb and the mass revive.

Those items are so different from each other in functions in the game and yet...

have both a bigger cooldown by default, and they just took same value by mistake.


*Shrugs* and thus we see how they created this bug.

Kill a bug to create one or more, gotta love game development.

It feels like they not even test their fixes.

No quality control at all... UE4 did help, but the code of the game is still spaghetti.

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Hi there, thank you for your report and your patience.


The team has investigated and identified the cause of the issue and a fix for this should go live on Wednesday with the maintenance.

The QA team has also developed some checks they can run to catch these kind of errors sooner.

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