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Story Quest Reward Change

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Great move to finally award a Grand Celestial Weapon Stage 3 through the story!

Now characters are able to do easy mode dungeons in f8 after they completed the storyline.

However characters who completed it recently should have an option to obtain a GC 3 weapon as well.

So please let them exchange their Exalted 3 weapon which they got from story to a GC 3.

Maybe offer it as a once per character purchase on dragon express, same goes for the Grand Celestial Soul shield 8 pack.

You might also consider upgrading the quality of the weapons available through martial tokens, since they are now worse than the story weapon.

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I agree. I just finished a character last week through the Story and now it's significantly behind because I did not get the updated story rewards. Hopefully they add a way for older characters to buy these quest rewards.

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