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Bug Fixes - 10.06.2021


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Hi everybody,


These are a few high visibility bugs and issues resolved during today's maintenance.

  • Imperial Core, Hellion Core, and Draken Core items have returned to Dragon Trader Junsorei.
  • Sanctum Breakthrough Selection Chest now contains the Discordia Necklace.
  • Character portraits no longer use the default image for their class after a portrait is uploaded.
  • The color of item quantity has been increased changed .
  • “Rift in the Supply Chain” quest should give correct experience.
  • Chromafly Illusion weapon is now displayed properly for Assassins and Warlocks.
  • Synthwave Illusion Twin Swords are no longer invisible.
  • Hongmoon Gilded Heptagonal Amber now has the proper Debuff Damage.
  • Several Pet Gems were not providing stats and did not have descriptions – this has been corrected.
  • All Login Rewards now get marked as received when retrieved on Premium Accounts.
  • Updating Skill Visuals in the Showroom no longer plays Korea VO.
  • Awakened Safeguard Belt Stages 1 and 2 now show the correct names.
  • Rescued NPCs in Act 1 Chapter 10: South Anchor's Away quest are no longer stuck in a in T-pose.
  • Thornbreaker Mystic Badge damage modifier for Rolling Typhoon has been corrected.
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