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Now since we have UE4 will you finally sponsor a bit to revive 1v1 and 3v3 ?

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Ive seen @Himeposting the ammount she would have posted in 3 years in like 1 month so i have the hopes with UE4 NCwest tries to be a bit closer to the community.


We all know the problem of wintraders/cheaters which is the reason litterly no one plays 1v1 and 3v3 in a serious way now but we had like 2 weeks in the last year where ill (the warden) managed to orginize a community made Tournemanet which brought 1v1 back for a short time and 3v3 was okish too. Sadly the community people who would or could orginize such an event do not have the funds to just pay out 100k gold every few weeks so i ask NCwest to fund something like this.


I am thinking about Hongmoon coins as reward and like 1 tourney every season atleast better would be 2 of course. 1 for experienced players and 1 for low to mid tier players. 


@Hime now that we have UE4 would something like that be possible ? you guys also could use the difficult route and ban wintraders/cheaters to fix 1v1 but why whould you start with that after 3 years of non punishment.

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