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Blade Dancer Whirling Scourge and Flaming Scourge bugged

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the Blade Dancers Whirling Scourge and Flaming Scourge only resist 5 seconds despite tooltip saying 6 seconds. (5.1 seconds to be exact)

I checked ingame and in the game files to confirm it is only 5.1 second resist while the other effects like crit up last 6.1 seconds.


This is very annoying because the resist ends before the animation and the timer on the icon.


Please either fix the duration to 6s or adjust the tooltip text. (If you choose to just adjust the text we need some indicator to see the resist)




An easy way to replicate it, is to go into the training room and select Dread Prince. Start the fight with Z and wait. He will knockback with his 3rd attack even though the skill icon has 1 second left and the animation is still going.


Video of the described process:


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