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Attribute achievements are so outdated now

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Hello,as my title says
I have been trying to check whats happening with AP Achievements and what i see is that you cant do more than +25AP one
Dreamsong theater for +30AP has no Hard Mode because you removed it from F8 and only has Easy and Normal Modes
Halcyon Hills has Hard mode for +40 AP but there is nowhere in F8 and has no rewards,same for Naryu Sanctum
Hangar 0 is the same, you people removed dungeons from F8 and most of the achievements cant be done anymore
How are new players going to do these ? And even if they make party through faction chat, why would they spam a dungeon 50 times without a single reward box ?
FIX The mess you created TY !

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Your topic is actually only about the AP achievements but I would also like to see some use of old or new attribute achievements.

AP is the only useful one and the rest are totally outdated. Too low values to matter and to hard to get nowaday.

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