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We have UE4, but the servers are still super bad!

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UE4 may have brought some hype, but we still have issues that need to be addressed one of them being how bad the servers still are. Having random ping spikes at the worst time can lead to unnecessary wipes and lots of wasted time for no reason and this happens CONSTANTLY!. Any other MMO doesn't have issues with ping spikes compared to BNS.


Let's not forget that disconnects also happen frequently upon changing characters!


I don't know if NCWest is just gonna milk the hype or actually continue to actually improve upon the issues we keep addressing. I'd rather it be the latter, despite their history being that they follow the former!

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4 hours ago, AxeofDawn said:

However my ping range changed from 120 -300 with ue3 to 30-40 with ue4


Your ping is shown so low because it only shows the ping from you to the server. And only that way.

In UE3 it showed the whole way, so also back to you + hardware delays.


Your ping in B&S has not changed.


1 hour ago, Raziel13epsilon said:

I use to play with 140-180ms and now i have 40-60 ms. This is total crap. The ms system isnt working at all.


Same here.

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the ms calculation on UE3 was accurate : ping server + (inputlag from game choke/ms /ppl abusing gcd/game lagging itself)


now on ue4 is just displaying your current ping to the server, and not if the servers lag, having packet loss or choke to your client from bugs/freezes/lags ...

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Exactly as people pointed out, they just "masked" their crappy servers. Before it was round-trip time that includes server processing time, now its just plain ping. Now on busy times in Koldrak i have stable 30-40ms, good fps, and skills lag couple seconds 🙂

Good thing about this change is they can't blame it on ours connection / pc anymore, its obvious where the problem is 😉 

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